The Story

If you are tired of first date flops, recently heartbroken, or not sure how to meet people, we’re right there with you.

Two of us, recently broken up from men we’d invested time and feelings in, were lamenting dating. Both of us had thrown our hands up, still bruised and feeling cynical. And we couldn’t imagine having to go through it all over again. Yet we wanted to find somebody, or at least meet some interesting prospects. So what’s a girl to do?

A friend shared a suggestion she’d once heard: go to a bar, alone, and sit down with a book to have a drink. Not what you were expecting? Visions of feeling awkward, obvious, uncomfortable, exposed? Maybe a beer and your favorite Sedaris could make for the perfect evening, though. We imagined this could get some attention from men who like confident, independent women. Men who would have to be self-assured and intelligent, not just cocky, to approach such an intimidating figure. It would also undoubtedly lure geezers looking for an easy mark and a boozy conversation, but no risk, no reward, etc.

To avoid the experiment becoming a competition, we decided to go to separate bars. Knowing the other is going through the same thing would be company enough. Then in an hour or two, regardless of results, we could meet back up for another drink and some guaranteed pleasant company. At the very least, we’d be bound to have some good stories.

So we set a date for the next week. And invite you to do the same. We’ll be posting our experiences, and you should share yours, too. Send your stories to, though a warning that we’ll run them through an editorial phase before posting.

Happy reading!


2 responses

3 08 2009

So, when is the first Bar Read set for?

4 08 2009

We’re giving it a try on Thursday…

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