Dry Run

2 08 2009

Though the first official Bar Read is set for next week, I found myself with some time to kill and figured I should take this on a test drive. I’d feel a little guilty if I led troops to slaughter without realizing. I chose Revival, a casual bar with a pub-like atmosphere and an upstairs seating area that has decent lighting and lots of comfy couches. I grabbed a beer, slipped off my shoes, and curled up with my book. It was a little tricky, trying to pay attention to the book, meanwhile tracking every guy within twenty feet who wasn’t paired up with a girl. You really must turn down the guydar if you’re going to be satisfied with just reading. Otherwise you may find yourself quite verklempt if no attention is granted.

I did discover something helpful. Some guys don’t think to make that first move toward conversation unless you make yourself known to them. So should you ladies find yourself seated near a fellow who strikes your fancy and hasn’t made eye contact, ask him to watch your valuables while you go to the bathroom. Make sure to place your book prominently! If he’s at all sociable or interested, when you return it’ll go like this:

Girl – Thanks for watching my stuff.
Boy – No problem. What’re you reading?

Simple, no? If he doesn’t give a permutation of that response, he’s probably a little too self-absorbed or a little too distant, and not at all what you’re looking for. But attempted in the proper circumstances, this method has great potential. I found myself in a lovely tete-a-tetes with the Brothers Adorable. Admittedly, the one I felt a connection with (he teaches Greek and Latin to junior high kids, *sigh*) said something about a girlfriend at one point. And no contact info was exchanged when they headed out, though Bro 2 gave me a copy of the literary journal he works on (close but no cigar, son). Perhaps too awkward to ask for a number in front of your brother? Perhaps Bro 2 is attached, too? At any rate, Reminder To Self #1 — not every Read will end with a phone number and a date. Reminder #2 — you can offer your info, too. All things considered, a fairly successful foray.

Results, scale of 1-5:
Readability (lighting, noise level, seating): 5
Beer on tap: 4
Conversation possibilities: 4
Cute bartender: 5

*Note: results vary depending on day of the week and time of day.




2 responses

2 08 2009

Sounds like a success!! Happy reading 🙂

5 08 2009

The perfect beginning.

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